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WineTastic Deluxe Wine Aerator
Q: How Do I Use the WineTastic Deluxe Wine Aerator?  
Q: Product Was Damaged In Route. What Should I Do?
Q: I Don't Taste Much Difference In The Bottle of Wine I Am Drinking. Any Suggestions?   
Q: What To Do If The Aerator Gets Clogged With Sediment?  
Q: Does this Aerate Other Alcoholic Products Such As Beer or Spirits? 
Q: What other wine products do you have?
Q: How Do I Clean the WineTastic Wine Aerator?
Q: I Never Received the Product from Amazon. What Should I Do? 
Q: What Type of Wine Does The Wine Aerator Work Best With? 
Q: Does the Wine Aerator Work With Champagne?
Q: Tell us about your company. How did you guys get started selling wine products?   
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"BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. This wine aerator just WORKS!"
I am not a wine drinker. I have never properly let the wine breath. I will be the first to say when it comes to wine, I am a barbarian. The wife and I did an experiment. We took a bottle of wine and let it sit open for 20 minutes and poured a glass, then we poured a second glass using the Aerator. The difference between the glasses was night and day. The Aerator removed the bitter aftertaste. Normally I do not drink wine without making a "yuck face" by the time I finish the wine. I am able to enjoy wine, and now understand why people enjoy it so much... I would not have believed that this plastic device could make that much of a difference!"  Ronda Aufill*
"Great Product, Excellent Customer Service. First of all, yes, this product does work to make your wine taste better. I taste tested it using a bottle of Cupcake Malbec. I am not a wine expert, so all I can tell you is the flavor was softer and more rounded using the aerator than without. Second of all, when I did my research I was sorely tempted by the Vinturi wine aerator because it was recommended by a friend. However, looking at the reviews reveals that a number of Amazon customers have been shipped a knock off and not the Vinturi at all. On those reviews, there was no response at all from either the vendor or Amazon to those complaints and Amazon customers are pretty much just talking to one another over the problem. Checking the WineTastic Wine Aerator reviews shows that they have responded to every negative customer complaint with an offer to remedy the problem. Not only that, after I ordered I recieved an email from WineTastic Wine Aerator asking if I was happy with my purchase. BOOM!!! Got my business, and LOVE IT!" Danielle*
"A Jewel of a Wine Aerator . . . and Diffuser . . and Pourer!!!  I love my Wine Aerator that's also a Diffuser and a Pourer! It has enhanced my wine enjoyment immeasurably! Easy to use, easy to clean! And easy to carry in my purse or suitcase when I'm traveling nearby or far to visit family and friend - everyone I share this wonderful "tool" with has loved it and agree that it"s improved the wine! Thank you to whomever invented this!" Taylor*

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